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Today many health insurance companies cover the cost of acupuncture treatments.

We are currently in network with: 

- Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oregon

We may also be able to bill your insurance as an out of network provider if you have a PPO plan. We are not able to accept HMO plans. 

By contacting us today and providing us with a copy of your insurance card and ID, we can begin the process of verifying your insurance benefits through your insurance provider. Some of the answers that we will obtain for you are:

  •   Does your policy cover acupuncture?

  •   Does your coverage have any exclusions or limitations?

  •   Do you have in or out-of-network coverage?

  •   Do you have an annual deductible?

  •   Do you have a co-payment or co-insurance?

  •   Do you have an annual visit limit?

If your policy covers our treatments, we will bill your insurance provider for our services. If our services are not covered under your plan, then you will be informed of alternate payment options for future treatments during your consultation. We accept cash, check and most major credit cards.