Cosmetic Acupuncture

Did you know that the best time to start thinking about anti-aging is in your 30’s?

I’m serious! (But going forward, let’s call it graceful aging, I don’t like the term anti-aging.)

If you’re in that age range, you may be starting to notice some new lines and wrinkles showing up on your face. They’re not that bad yet, but you’re starting to wonder what to do about them.

If you’re a little older, you may already have some established lines and wrinkles that seem to be getting more advanced. You’re also beginning to notice more appearing at a quicker rate, and your overall skin texture isn’t what it used to be.

Most people’s first reaction is to go straight to Botox and fillers to plump up the area to get rid of the wrinkles, but that can be expensive (Botox for just the forehead can take 20 units at around $9 per unit) and you have to repeat the treatment every 3 to 4 months! Besides, you may not want to inject your face with chemicals in the first place since they do have some potentially negative side effects. What other options do you have?

Cosmetic Acupuncture is one of my favorite go-to graceful aging remedies. It’s a holistic therapy, meaning we look at the health of the whole body, and we make sure that you’re healthy on the inside and the outside.

At your initial consultation, we’ll establish whether you’d like to work on your face, neck, or abdominal region. What are you noticing about this area that you would like to change? Are you noticing some laugh lines, or maybe some crows feet? Is the skin on your neck starting to droop a little bit? Or maybe you’d like to work on some weight loss or stretch marks.

Once your body is balanced, we’ll focus on either your face, neck, or abdominal region.

Using thin acupuncture needles, I will put needles into the dermis layer of your skin with the goal of creating micro-traumas. These micro-traumas will stimulate your body to produce more collagen and elastin in the area which, over the course of treatment, will fill in the lines and wrinkles. You may also notice that your skin texture feels better overall, and your dark circles and skin redness may even disappear. You will likely also notice a ‘lift’. As for the neck, you’ll begin to see the skin tightening and lifting to help your jaw line to become more defined. For the abdomen, you will likely see some toning of the area, some possible weight loss, and you will definitely notice an improvement in your digestion (which is the core of weight-loss treatments in Traditional Chinese Medicine).

After we complete your acupuncture treatment, I will clean the face again, apply a vitamin C spray which aids in collagen production, and apply a moisturizing serum which will serve as a lubricant for me to perform some facial massage and gua sha to end the treatment. You may also choose to perform gua sha at home to continue to work toward your end goal between treatments.

After we complete the initial course of treatment, I recommend that you continue to receive a maintenance or tune-up treatment at least once per month for your cosmetic treatment. This will help your results to “hold” for a longer amount of time. Your results should hold for 2-4 years for younger people, but it is recommended to repeat the initial, more frequent course of treatment if the results begin to fail. This is perfectly normal and to be expected.

In the long run, when compared with botox, fillers, and other main stream anti-aging procedures, cosmetic acupuncture provides a more natural, more healthful, and more budget friendly look.

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