Reiki is a therapy that focuses on stress reduction and relaxation through "laying on of hands" in which the practitioner places their hands on or over the receiver's body and uses the reiki energy to produce relaxation, reduce stress, and in turn promote a positive environment in which the body can heal. 

Reiki is based on the idea that we all have energy that makes our body work properly. In Chinese Medicine we call it qi (or chi), in Ayurveda it's called Prana, and in Japan it's translated as Ki. 

The word, "rei", means "spirit, miraculous, or divine", but in the west, we've largely translated it as "universal" or "from the universe".  The best way that I've come to understand this, is that the reiki energy comes from a constantly flowing, never-ending source that practitioners can tap into to provide reiki for others. 

Reiki sessions are often done in person, but can also be conducted over a distance which makes it a great option during the time of Covid-19. When conducting a distance reiki session, we will still schedule a time as usual, but instead of coming to the office, just make sure that you're in a place where you can sit or lay down comfortably with the intention of receiving your session. You may play peaceful, relaxing music during this time if you'd like. At the same time, I will be in my office conducting your reiki session. 

Kyle is a Reiki Master Teacher, achieving this level in 2013, giving him 8 years of experience. If you are interested in a Reiki session, or learning how to do reiki, please contact Kyle for more information by sending an email to, or by calling or texting 971-888-3602. 

A woman receives a reiki treatment with eyes closed and appearing very relaxed.