Sound Therapy

Sound therapy is a practice which uses tools such as tuning forks, singing bowls, and sometimes even gongs, which are tuned at different frequencies. When exposed to specific frequencies, our bodies begin to "tune" themselves like an instrument. This occurs using the principles of entrainment to a resonant frequency. Entrainment occurs when one thing, your body in this case, begins to adjust its frequency to another stimulus, the tuning fork. 

Just like an instrument, our bodies can go "out of tune" due to stress, injuries, bad habits, etc. Sound therapy allows our bodies to relax deeply so that they can tune themselves while guided by the progressions and combination of tuning fork pairs. 

Sound therapy as I practice it in my office, is done with tuning forks based on the "pure 5th" interval. I will use pairs of tuning forks in a customized sequence that will address your individual needs at the time of treatment with the goals of increasing relaxation, decreasing stress levels, and allowing your body to tune itself in order to reach a better balance for your best state of health. 

a set of tuning forks used in sound therapy